Welcome to The Careers Group Interview Simulator

Our interview simulator is designed to put you through your paces to maximise your rate of success at interview - and help spell the end of nerves, fear and sweaty palms!

Using audio and video, you will practise and perfect your technique in response to some of the most popular and challenging questions set by graduate recruiters in interviews.

Our tool will provide you with valuable and practical advice to prepare you for the toughest questions and interview scenarios you are likely to face so you feel confident and ready to answer any question thrown at you.

The interview simulator will record your answers to popular interview questions in audio or video, and allows you to compare your answers with the ideal responses from the interviewers themselves. Choose from a bank of questions or let the system decide for you (if you're feeling really confident!).

By using our interview simulator your confidence should increase and you'll feel ready for your next job interview. Good luck!


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